Ahad, 10 Januari 2010

There's No Half Glass In Islam


I thought the furore had died down but oh no, they continue to make headlines.

Don't they know how ignorant they actually are, by doing what they are doing now?

Haven't they learnt anything from what had happened to our neighbour, which despite being known as the country with the most Muslims, contain many Islamic liberalists who do not follow all His teachings as in the al-Quran and hadith, as well as Muslim murtads who proudly comdemn Islam through anti-Islam websites?

And we have witnessed one of His warnings recently but do we learn?

How can they call themselves Muslimahs when they would only accept part of His teachings that suit their agenda and reject some other parts?

By saying that it's an injustice for a Muslimah who has admitted her sins and is ready to be punished by the Syariah court, isn't it dishonouring her wishes?

While they pursue their own agenda, have they any thought about what she really want?

She doesn't want to be punished in akhirat for trying to escape punishment in life.

What I know about Islam makes me realise that either we accept Islam as a whole or none at all. There can't be parts of the al-Quran that we refuse to accept for to believe in the al-Quran is one of the Tenets of Iman. So either we accept that drinking liquor is sinful and is punishable by caning or we would have become kafur.

Indeed, using logic to argue their case shows how ignorant they are about Islamic laws and the different courts in each state. Don't they know that each state has its own Syariah courts and rulings? Oh, they are manipulative - they chose to highlight cases that show as if the Syariah courts punish the men lightly while giving out harsh sentences on women. Men are portrayed as being able to escape with light sentences or none at all while the weaker sex, the women face harsh sentences.

What an injustice!

Taliban ruling!

Police state!

Pah, humbug!

If they really work for Islam, then they should be fair to both sexes. They should be careful what they call themselves. It's an injustice to other Muslimahs when they use the name of Islam but are actually ignorant of how Islam instructs its ummah to live in this world.

Tell me, which part of the al-Quran says that Muslimahs don't have to cover their aurat in public [including their hair], and which part of the al-Quran that says polygamy should be abolished in modern times?

And that it's no longer acceptable to punish women offenders in the Syariah courts because the others deem it as injustice to women?

Why the double standards now; they fight for equality between genders but when it comes to punishment, they cry foul because women are the weaker sex?

Don't they know that to Allah swt, there is no difference between the good deeds and sins of a man and those of a woman? Both are held accountable and will be judged accordingly. There is no such thing as a weaker sex in Islam. Women are honoured in Islam.

Islamic rulings are fair and just, and while we admit that there is still room for improvement in the Syariah courts here, let's all respect the Syariah Islamic law and our sister's own wish to face her punishment here on earth, and may Allah have mercy upon her. This is not just a test for her, a punishment for her but also a reminder for the rest of us who call ourselves Muslimin and Muslimah. When we are faced with this issue, what would our stand be - to use our own logic and condemn the Syariah court for this little injustice, or to defend it and do our best to educate and prevent other Muslims from consuming it.

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